Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting to me

My cabinet of solace

So I found myself in the wine library while working at the winery this afternoon, polishing glassware and carefully placing it all back on the shelves after a busy afternoon.  I love the wine library; it's my favorite place on the property to be even if I don't get in there often.  It's dimly lit, has lots of warm wood cabinets and built-in wine racks, and is a nice even temperature of about 65 degrees all the time.  Perfect on a day when outside temps are in the 90's.

But it's become a favorite place even more since I've been doing this remodel at our house.  You see, my kitchen is empty and its contents are scattered throughout the house, which makes everything at home seem messy and unorganized.  I am not one of those people who deals well with disorganization; it makes me feel scattered, distracted and ill at ease.  

Hopefully this will be the last week when the contents of my kitchen are laying all over the floors of our own den, living room, dining room and guest bedroom, but until it feels back to normal, I will seek solace in the comfort of the wine library at work on quiet, late afternoons, where everything seems to have a place, and there is no clutter nor even a bottle or glass out of place.

Library ready for an event

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