Friday, January 24, 2014

Deer Repelling Water Blast

So my friend was at her cabin the other day and texting her daughter, discussing the new deer repelling device she'd bought and set up in the front yard.  She had bought one of these (below), and had also set up a remote yard camera to document how well it was working.  My friend is just getting the hang of the YouTube/Twitter/Instagram universe, but I think things are looking promising:

Motion Activated Power Water Sprayer

The conversation apparently, went something like this:

Mom:  So if I posted a YouTube video of the water gun spraying the deer, would that be funny?
Daughter:  No, Mom, that would not be funny.

About two hours later:

Mom:  So if I posted a YouTube video water gun spraying the Lowe's delivery man, would that be funny?
Daughter:  Yes, Mom, that would be funny.

Well, you know. These things happen.


  1. Haha! I'll be interested to hear how this device works for her. Now that we know it works on delivery men...

    1. She says it's working great, but does have serious regrets about the delivery guy. When she set it up, she forgot they were bringing her new refrigerator that afternoon. Just the image alone is enough to crack me up. I hope she really does post it on YouTube!

    2. lol I wanted to see THAT on youTube!

  2. Haha! Love that mother-daughter conversation! We have a large deer population where we live, and they always nibble on our (my husband's) young fruit trees. I'll pass this info along to my hubs and see if he likes the idea ;)

    1. Just watch out for the Lowe's delivery guy lol!