Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our state bird!

The California Quail.  We see them a lot in the yard, along with roadrunners.  And they love running in between the rows of the vineyards at work, popping in and out of our line of sight and delighting our customers with their scurrying antics.  But of course I love seeing them at home more, because there I can just relax and enjoy watching them for as long as they want to hang out in the yard.

Cute, huh!


  1. They are so cute! And much better as a happy bird in Califronia than on a dinner plate. They don't taste good and are a major pain to cook and eat. Haha I once had to make 45 of them for a dinner. Bleh. The hosts of the party were thrilled though.

    1. I guess they ARE edible, I'd forgotten! Lots of bones to pick around though, like doves. Not worth it, IMO. And you are right, they don't even taste good unless marinated -- for a long time -- in a really good sauce.