Monday, January 13, 2014

Off-farm Day

In order to keep your sanity in rural life, I think everyone needs a few off-farm days a month.  Not too many, heaven knows this lifestyle requires we be on-site to water crops and tend to animals pretty regularly, but the occasional vacation, weekend trip, or just a day away is important.  You need to realize your farm is not the center of the universe, and mingle and mix with all sorts of different types of people.

That's because rural life can be isolating, and if the only voices you hear are the ones from television or the ones you read on the internet, and the only sights you see are the ones within a few miles of home, it seems like your perspective on life and other people will grow smaller as well.  Sure, living in the country brings you peace and quiet, but I'm convinced there are times you need to get out there and see how the rest of the world is doing.

Yesterday Big Ag and I did a road trip to the coast (about 20 minutes west of us, as the crow flies) and took a four mile hike along the headlands.

It certainly puts things into perspective, walking along the edge of the continent, along the ocean which was here before you showed up and will be here long after you're gone.  

The four-mile hike worked up an appetite, plus it was kind of chilly up on the headlands, so we stopped at our favorite beach hang-out and ate outdoors, in the warm sunshine.  If there is not a place in Heaven that looks kind of like this one, I am not sure I want to go lol.

And, as if my Gardenburger and fries were not enough to replace the calories we'd burned hiking, our next stop was for pie.

Mmmm.  Pie. Perspective restored. Back to farm life.


  1. Oh that pie looks perfect! The crust looks flaky and beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your off-farm day! I'm sure it felt good to come home though. I think you're right. It's important not to "lose touch", so to speak, with the rest of the world. We've seen what happens when you do!

    1. So true lol! Isolation really does cause a shift to what we think of as reality! Oh, and Linn's does make an absolutely fabulous pie crust -- I think mine is pretty good, but not as good as theirs! Not yet, anyway. Bet you make a good one, too.

  2. i'd got to a place called Easy as Pie every day... wow!

    1. Ya, a little TOO easy for my waistline lol!