Saturday, January 4, 2014

Removing oil from boots

Tried a home remedy for removing oil (olive oil in this case) from distressed western boots, and it worked extremely well!  Of course you have to start by actually spilling the oil on your boots in the first place, so my instructions will begin there:

1.  Help with clean up after a work event, and lift several plates off a table with a olive oil-filled ramekin atop it.

2.  Have ramekin slip and spill said olive oil-filled ramekin on nearby customer, getting it all over their shirt and one large drop on your boots.

3.  Apologize profusely to customer, wipe them up as best you can and comp their meal. (He was very nice about it; I was mortified.)

4.  Come home at day's end and put a large blob of cornstarch on the spot on the boot.  Leave overnight.

5.  The next morning, brush off cornstarch; the spot will be barely noticeable, definitely not the black spot it was before.

(If you do this at home, you might want to get the cornstarch on sooner, and I'm thinking that would be even better.

You know me. ...Always willing to share helpful hints with other homesteaders, especially klutzy ones like myself.


  1. GAH! Oh I'm sorry you had that experience. No good deed goes unpunished! Very glad for the tip though!

    1. Part of the reason of needing to get the stain off my boots was so I could forget the whole embarrassing incident ever happened lol!