Saturday, February 22, 2014

Double Coverage

Nice view. Manly men doing manly things I don't care to do.

So Big Ag and Groceries were outside today, digging holes for the buckthorns we'll be putting in as a privacy hedge.  Neighbor comes out and asks what we are doing.....and I decide to go for it.  I explain that I like to do backyard astronomy and that his yard lights are killing our view of the Milky Way.  He says he'll work on remembering to turn them out more.

Pleasant conversation, no weirdness or resistance.  Will he remember to shut off his lights?  Not sure.  But I figure we have double coverage now.  He'll be our first hope, but if that fails, we have our buckthorn hedge as our back-up.

Double coverage to give us darkness at night.  Definitely something worth over-planning for.


  1. That is so nice that you were able to communicate with him sans eye rolling or pissiness. Can't wait to see those buckthorns with a little growth on them! They are gorgeous. I wish I could grow them here! Also, what is planted in your hillside at the bottom of the photo? Do I see lavender in there?

    1. Yes, that is Spanish Lavender. It came through the freeze completely undisturbed and undamaged, which is amazing considering it dropped to about 8 degrees. the French Lavender had a lot of dead stalks and is just recovering now, but I'm just happy its not looked dreadful for awhile.