Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It appears...

That one of my feathered employees is slacking off.


  1. Oh my, what a difference. The fresh eggs we have been buying look more like the one on the left. Many are double yolks.

    1. I love double-yolked eggs. Makes you feel like you got bonus goods! This puny egg on the right though...not quite sure what to do with that,other than maybe make the world's smallest omelette. : )

  2. she is just phoning it in at work for the benefits! Regardless I'm sure a teeny tiny egg laid by your own chicken is exponentially better than a jumbo grocery store egg!

  3. When I kept Coturnix Quail, I used to use their eggs in recipes and they were ALL about this size! They were freshly laid though, at least. But of course, it takes a lot more eggs to do what you need. How sad that an egg this small would be discarded and never even make it to the store, though, because of it's non-uniform size. It's perfectly good, just an odd size. We'll eat it!