Monday, February 3, 2014

Orange and Gray

This morning I am going to begin making marmalade, which means first peeling the oranges. After that, all the pith must be taken off the peeled skin, and finally the skins need to be cut into little matchstick-sized pieces before one can even think of starting the jam itself. Labor intensive, marmalade is (says I, in my best Yoda voice).

But this kind of job is just right for a day that looks like this outside. Up here on the hill, we're still stuck in the clouds left over from yesterday's storm. Marmalade is appropriate for a day like this, as it feels like we're lost on the Moors, somewhere near Scotland.

A warm fire, some music on the radio and a Big Project are all on hand though.  Perfect recipe for a Deep House kind of day.


  1. A true marmalade is under appreciated in the States, I think. Maybe because the citrus pairs better with tea than coffee. I'm sure yours is wonderful. It looks like you had the most fitting day for marmalade making.

    1. I agree with you about marmalade, I think the scottish Dundee marmalade is the best commercially made marmalade out there, not too sweet and thick with rind. That's how I make mine, too! It does go better with tea, too, which may be why it's not super-popular here. Coffee and marmalade is not a good pairing lol.