Saturday, February 1, 2014


Our wonderful pellet stove not only heats our home, but can also heat water and soup on its top.  Most people who have pellet or wood stoves know this fact. But I discovered yet another purpose for its heat this morning, when Big Ag went in the shower right after I got out and I didn't want to be trying to dry my hair in all that dripping humidity -- your friendly pellet stove also makes a great hair dryer.  

I shook my curls out, bent over so the nape of my neck was getting most of the fan's blast, and dried my hair in about 5 minutes. And I have pretty thick hair, so that's no mean feat.

Heater.  Stove. Hair dryer.  Versatile, indeed!


  1. I am totally unfamiliar with pellet stoves. To me it looks much more attractive than a traditional woodstove. But that makes perfect sense. A stream of dry heat is the absolute best way to dry hair! So this is your good seed for buying another throw away candy thermometer! I declare you absolved.

  2. Ha! Glad using my pellet stove as a hair dryer absolves me from the wastefulness of buying crappy candy thermometers, lol. See, it all balances out in the end!