Saturday, March 15, 2014

Around the Homestead, Spring 2014

Lettuce is bolting.

Roses are blooming.

New fig tree is growing!

Songbirds are nesting.

Spanish Lavender is flowering.
Baby cottonwood reaches for the sky.


  1. WAAAAAH! I am so jealous. I was pathetically wandering around my garden looking for something....anything that waa growing. 1 1/2 inch of daffodil and 1mm of bright red peony growth. That's it. Oh your surroundings certainly look like paradise to me. I envy your Spanish lavender. I try it every year and it's simply too jungle like here in the summer and, of course, too cold in the winter. Thanks for the breath of fresh air! Even if I am envious.

    1. Aww, wish I could send some spring your way! It's early, but we're enjoying it. And the Spanish lavender grows much better here than the French, it's much more cold tolerant, although probably not as cold as you get! It does like it dry in summer, too.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. They're calling for more snow tomorrow in our part of the country... but your lovely pictures have given me hope of things to come!

  3. Thanks, Angie! So sorry it's snowing in your neck of the woods...I always think I'd love to live in a place with snow except when I hear about it falling during what I think of as "spring" i.e., March, April etc.