Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Night

It was a waxing moon, about half-full, so the moon was up but not overly bright.  I had gone to bed about 10 pm, loathing daylight savings time and the fact that I wasn't really tired yet.  About 15 minutes later, I noticed a couple of things:  First, the house seemed to creak in several places at once, although I felt nothing unusual.  Second, every bird in the countryside started singing.  It was the Dawn Chorus at night.  They were so loud, and it was so unusual, that I went and got Big Ag, who had been watching television in another part of the house, and brought him to the back door so he could hear it too.

This went on for an hour or two, and then, just like that, it stopped.  And the night was as quiet as it normally is.

This morning I awoke to see this:,0,1233717.story#axzz2vZNmFWYq

Yes, the shaking apparently started at about 10:15 pm last night. Guess our neighborhood songbirds know more than you'd think.


  1. That is so crazy about the birds! I'm so glad it wasn't a big problem. I can't bear the thought of all that wine crashing to oblivion during an earthquake.

  2. If there ever were a large earthquake, I think a winery is probably the last place on earth you'd want to be, and yes, I'm sure there would be a LOT of broken bottles of great wine strewn about! Hope I'm safe at home when/if that happens!