Thursday, March 20, 2014

Google Doodle

Today's Google Doodle is pretty cute, honoring the first day of spring (which I understand feels NOTHING like spring for many of you across the US, unfortunately).

However, it does beg the question ... why does a ghost want to plant a garden?  I always assumed disembodied souls did not need physical nourishment to survive.

This goes along with my general confusion regarding "ghost theory" where the spirit of the departed comes back to haunt places.  I've always thought the idea of souls returning to ships, hospitals, battlefields, and office buildings to be quite funny, as if the Afterlife  is so uninteresting and dull we find ourselves getting up and returning to work after we're dead, just as we did in life. Could it be that haunting our old Xerox machine or the 4th Floor Ladies Room is a preferable option to moving into the rest of the Great Beyond?  

At least this little ghost is enjoying some time outdoors, in nature's beauty.  That's the kind of ghost I'd be, if I were going to be one.


  1. I've always thought I'll make a successful ghost. I have an unparalleled ability to hold a grudge so it sounds sort of fun to me to be able to haunt people. Of course the downside is I'd be dead! Haha. I tend to think there are all sorts of ghosts. Mostly energy. Thankfully I've never had any experiences with scary paranormal stuff. I'm a wimp so I'd be scarred for life. I'll say though I have felt "visits" from deceased family members in very vivid dreams or even feelings while awake. But you know, my work does expose me to a lot lf fumes so who knows!

    1. And PS-I fully intend to be a gardening ghost!

    2. I have also had some vivid dreams with those who have departed, but they were clearly "someplace else," and seemed to be communicating from there. You are right about a sort of energy remaining in physical places though, but I'm highly skeptical of "hauntings" as they're portrayed in books and film. But yes, haunting a garden sounds great. All the pleasure and none of the weed-pulling lol!