Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hummingbird Moth

Wikipedia's pic

The last several days I've been watching one of these particular creatures with interest, as he (she?) has been visiting my yard area every day.  It seems to be loving the new native plants I've put in within the last couple of weeks which happen to be in full bloom right now.

At first I thought it was a new species of hummingbird I had not seen in this area until certainly looked like it.  But upon further research, I've realized it's actually a hummingbird moth.

My pic (not quite as good lol)

It has wings, what looks like two eyes, legs and a long nose for sipping nectar.  Fascinating.

What will it turn out to be?

On a possibly related note, I also found this cocoon in one of my flower pots, and it's possible it's another hummingbird moth.  I think it's still alive, so we'll see what happens when it emerges.  I hope I catch it at the right time!


  1. How neat. I've never heard of them before. They really do resemble hummingbirds. Nice action shot, by the way.

  2. Thanks, they are very hard to get a good pic of -- one more way they are similar to hummingbirds, I guess!

  3. These are very common around here. I enjoy them almost as much as hummingbirds. My ???? wildlife lately are ducks who belong in Maine and I've never seen before. I think the crazy winter has temporarily relocated them. No complaints...I'm enjoying them!

    1. That's very cool about the ducks! I was going to say something about climate change, and then I realized if they're coming further south that actually means it's colder there than normal, which is a good change from the general heating-up going on everywhere!