Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chick update

At about 2 weeks old, I am enjoying both chicks a lot more.  They seem a little more sturdy and active, and they must surely eat their weight in feed every day because it seems like their food container is always almost empty.

I named them Cleo and Chloe.  Cleo is named for Cleopatra, and she is the lighter of the two ... her Ameraucana breeding shows up in the fact that she looks like she's rocking some serious black eyeliner.

Chloe, the black chick with white markings, is a Plymouth Barred Rock named just because it sounded good with Cleo.  She is a sweet girl, but Cleo is definitely the boss of the two. Cleo and Chloe.  Just a couple of girls growing up on the homestead.


  1. They're still so cute! How much longer do they have until they move outside?

    1. That will be awhile, mainly because I'm a helicopter parent and don't want them out there until they're bigger. I will move them into a bigger cage after this, and they'll get to spend some time outside every day. But they'll be in at night for a couple more months.