Monday, January 28, 2013

Dog blanket

Sputnik loves his new dog blanket/bed I crocheted for him out of leftover yarn.  It's a circular blanket that is roughly the same size as a dog bed  To make it, I simply did a single chain of crochet, about 30 inches in length, then single stitched back, attaching to the last string I did, over and over.  Basically the same pattern you'd use to make a scarf.  I changed colors when I was bored, and didn't worry about much else, since Sputnik is not very picky about his sleeping gear, as long as its warm.

After it was as wide as I wanted it to be (about 12 inches), I did another one exactly like it and then attached the two pieces by their ends, which made a circular piece of crocheting that could be draped around him, tucked under him, whatever.  Since he tends to drool a little when he sleeps (and really, who doesn't?) I can come in after he's planted himself somewhere and put this wrap around him, tucking his head under part of it so our sofa and bed are protected.  It also can cover him up, as you can see in the pictures.

All in all, a pretty good purpose for any leftover yarn you may have laying around.

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