Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miss Clariol? Meet Miss Reality.

I was checking out a friend's photos on her Facebook page this morning when I saw something that hit a chord with me.  It was a photo of her and her husband.  He, the silver fox, with mostly gray-to-white hair,  and her....with the same light brown hair she's always had, ever since we met in high school.  Different color hair, yet they are both in their 50's.  

It caught my attention because of another, similar couple I saw yesterday.  It was these two:

Yes, it's our Vice President and the lovely Second Lady.  Same deal though.  Him, completely white on top.  Her, the blonde hair of a 20 year-old.  They are both in their 60's (but no matter what her hair color, she still looks seriously fabulous for a women in her 60's though, don't you think?).

I notice this more now because, after 20 years of first highlighting, then outright dying my graying hair, I'm in the process of growing it out.  The idea of slathering my head in carcinogenic hair color for the rest of my life lost its appeal a few years ago.  I eat homegrown organic food, I make my own soap and laundry detergent to avoid the unknown (or sometimes, known) chemicals put into the potions they sell in the stores....but I was still hanging on to commercial hair dye and slapping that on every 6 weeks?  Didn't make any sense.

So I've begun the process of growing it out -- with help, mind you. I went to a colorist a couple of weeks ago to get some super light blonde highlights put in front, so I didn't end up looking like a skunk (ever-widining white stripe down the middle of my head) for the next 18 months.  

It's not easy, I will tell you that.  Even with some color blending, it still looks a little funky, with roots showing just a bit, especially in the back, where it's darker.  When I am done, my hair will be about 75 percent white -- completely white in the front, with about a 50/50 blend in the back.  It is a scary, but still powerful thing, to let go of the one thing so many women do to keep looking young.  Not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery, chic clothes, or monthly facials (I know I can't, nor would I want to).  But there are very few among us who can't pop for an eight dollar bottle of Miss Clairol.  And so, it seems everyone does.

Goodbye, Miss Clairol

Or almost everyone.  As I go about my erranding some days, I look around at the other women I see.  And I have to say, I see some fabulous-looking gray heads of hair out there.  I predict, with the aging of our population, we will see even more of American women allowing themselves to gray naturally over the next decade or two.  Hair color is a burden not every woman wants to pick up and carry with her for 40+ years.  I know I don't.  But once you start, it's very difficult to change back.  

But I'm determined to do this, if just so Big Ag and I don't look like yet another silver fox/high school blonde couple.  So stay tuned, while I take this journey back to the reality of what my hair really looks like.



  1. Good luck Diane - I'm doing it, also. I'm about two inches grown out and I'm really struggling with the in between stage. I'm hoping by summer I'll be there.

  2. I feel your pain....I'm just entering that "in-between" phase and it's already driving me nuts! But I can tell you're going to look great in silver!