Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Green" Beer Drinking

One of the coolest things about the area we live in is the availability of local wine and brews.  It took us awhile to discover this Firestone-Walker Brewery 805 Blonde Ale, But now that we have, we really enjoy it as an alternative to wine.  Wine is king in these parts, but this beer definitely gives the grapes a run for their money.

"805" is our area code, hence the name...how cool is that?

Another thing we like about this brew is that the brewery is right in town, which means the beer has not traveled far before it hits the grocery store shelves.  Less food miles = less pollution, for anything you consume.  Sure, you could drink imported beer that may have come from another country, or maybe just another state, but why pay for goods trucked hundreds or thousands of miles when you can find something good that's made right in your backyard?

Oh, I should also mention they make at least one excellent dark ale I've tried, called Parabola, but I haven't seen it in the stores, just the taproom.  But if I get a yen for dark beer, I will definitely head over there and buy a bottle or two to bring home.

Who knew beer-drinking could be such a green activity?

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